updates - an overview, what's new on this lighthouse pages

 June 30th 2020 

wallpaper July: Little Preuße Wremen (D)

 May 31st 2020 

wallpaper June: Ball beacon Cuxhaven (D)

 April 30th 2020 

wallpaper May: front light Rinkenæs (DK)

 March 31st 2020 

wallpaper April: lighthouse Rubjerg Knude (DK)

 February 29th 2020 

wallpaper March: lighthouses Kinnaird Head (SCO)

 January 24th 2020 

wallpaper February: pier light Geestemunde Northern pier (D)

 December 31st 2019 

wallpaper January: lighthouse Wustrow (D)

 November 28th 2019 

wallpaper December: Corran Point Lighthouse (SCO)

 October 31st 2019 

wallpaper November: White Lighthouse Skagen (DK)

 October 3rd 2019 

wallpaper October: lighthouse Hammerodde (DK)

 August 31st 2019 

wallpaper September: lighthouse Morups Tånge (S)

 July 31st 2019 

wallpaper August: pier light Ålesund (N)

 June 30th 2019 

wallpaper July: lighthouse Schleimünde (D)

 May 30th 2019 

wallpaper June: swing fire Skagen (DK)

 April 30th 2019 

wallpaper May: lighthouse Griz-Nes (F)

 March 31st 2019 

wallpaper April: pier lights Mommark (DK)

 February 28th 2019 

wallpaper March: directional light Peenemunde South (D)

 January 31st 2019 

wallpaper February: lighthouses Glåpen (N)

 January 1st 2019 

wallpaper January: pier light Northern pier Harlingen (NL)

 November 29th 2018 

wallpaper December: lighthouse Selvogur (ISL)

 October 31st 2018 

wallpaper November: rear range Sandstedt (D)

 September 30th 2018 

wallpaper October: lighthouse Tranerodde (DK)

 August 30th 2018 

wallpaper September: pier light Kabelvåg (N)

 July 31st 2018 

wallpaper August: lighthouse Kyleakin (SCO)

 June 30th 2018 

wallpaper July: lighthouse Hópsnesviti (ISL)

 May 31st 2018 

wallpaper June: lightship Borkumriff (D)

 April 20th 2018 

wallpaper May: rear range Otterndorf (D)

 March 31st 2018 

wallpaper April: pier light Middle pier Stralsund (D)

 February 28th 2018 

wallpaper March: lighthouse Ystad (S)

 January 31st 2018 

wallpaper February: Fretheim Fyr (N)

 December 31st 2017 

wallpaper January: Neist Point Lighthouse (SCO)

 November 30th 2017 

wallpaper December: pier light West Calais (F)

 October 31st 2017 

wallpaper November: lighthouse Fugleneset Hammerfest (N)

 October 6th 2017 

wallpaper October: lighthouse Kråkenes Fyr (N)

 August 31st 2017 

wallpaper September: pier light Travemünde (D)

 July 31st 2017 

wallpaper August: lighthouse Kleiner Preuße Wremen (D)

 June 30th 2017 

wallpaper July: lighthouse Alte Liebe Cuxhaven (D)

 May 31st 2017 

wallpaper June: front light Benodet Le Coq (F)

 April 30th 2017 

wallpaper May: lighthouse Rubha Reigh (SCO)

 March 30th 2017 

wallpaper April: white lighthouse Schiermonnikoog (NL)

 February 28th 2017 

wallpaper March: lighthouse Årø (DK)

 January 31st 2017 

wallpaper February: lighthouse Büsum (D)

 December 30th 2016 

wallpaper January: lighthouse Dyna (N)

 November 30th 2016 

wallpaper December: lighthouse Nordmjele (N)

 October 31st 2016 

wallpaper November: lighthouse Dunnet Head (SCO)

 September 30th 2016 

wallpaper October: lighthouse Blåvandshuk (DK)

 August 31st 2016 

wallpaper September: lighthouse Tarbert Island (IRL)

 July 31st 2016 

wallpaper August: rear light and old lighthouse Balje (D)

 June 30th 2016 

wallpaper July: front light Bremerhaven (D)

 May 30th 2016 

wallpaper June: pier light Ueckermünde (D)

 April 30th 2016 

wallpaper May: cross light Frankeklint (DK)

 March 31st 2016 

wallpaper April: pier light Zeebrugge (B)

 February 29th 2016 

wallpaper March: lighthouse Guilvinec (F)

 January 30th 2016 

wallpaper February: lighthouse Noorderhoofd (NL)

 December 31st 2015 

wallpaper January: Crinan Canal Lighthouse (SCO)

 November 30th 2015 

wallpaper December: lighthouse Staberhuk (D)

 October 31st 2015 

wallpaper November: harbour lighthouse Assens (DK)

 September 30th 2015 

wallpaper October: lighthouses in the Oslofjord (N)

 August 31st 2015 

wallpaper September: lighthouse Tod Head (SCO)

 July 31st 2015 

wallpaper August: lighthouse Stenshuvud (S)

 June 29th 2015 

wallpaper July: front light Glückstadt (D)

 May 30th 2015 

wallpaper June: lighthouse Black Head (IRL)

 April 17th 2015 

wallpaper May: lighthouse Garðskagi (ISL)

 March 31st 2015 

wallpaper April: pier light Malmö (S)

 February 28th 2015 

wallpaper March: lighthouse Långe Erik (S)

 January 31st 2015 

wallpaper February: lighthouse Breskens (NL)

 December 31st 2014 

wallpaper January: lighthouse Tranekær (DK)

 December 05th 2014 

wallpaper December: lighthouse Strukkamphuk (D)

 October 31st 2014 

wallpaper November: lighthouse Ulla Fyr (N)

 September 30th 2014 

wallpaper October: lighthouse Kegnæs (DK)

 August 29th 2014 

wallpaper September: lighthouse Kapelludden (S)

 July 31st 2014 

wallpaper August: pier lights Vilamoura (POR)

 June 30th 2014 

wallpaper July: lighthouse Gammel Pøl (DK)

 May 31st 2014 

wallpaper June: lighthouse Stoer Head (SCO)

 April 24th 2014 

wallpaper May: lighthouse Scheveningen (NL)

 March 31st 2014 

wallpaper April: lighthouse Buchan Ness (SCO)

 February 28th 2014 

wallpaper March: pier light Mukran (D)

 January 31st 2014 

wallpaper February: pier light Saint-Pol Dunkerque (F)

 December 30th 2013 

wallpaper January: lighthouse Lodbjerg Fyr (DK)

 November 26th 2013 

wallpaper December: lighthouse Kaiserschleuse Bremerhaven (D)

 October 31st 2013 

wallpaper November: lighthouse Glyngøre Fyr (DK)

 September 30th 2013 

wallpaper October: lighthouse Girdle Ness (SCO)

 August 27th 2013 

wallpaper July: Rear Light Bremerhaven (D)

 July 31st 2013 

wallpaper August: lighthouse Obereversand (D)

 June 30th 2013 

wallpaper July: lightship Elbe 1 (D)

 May 28th 2013 

wallpaper June: lighthouse Pelzerhaken (D)

 May 1st 2013 

wallpaper May: lighthouse Omø (DK)

 March 31st 2013 

wallpaper April: lighthouse Nieuwpoort (B)

 February 28th 2013 

wallpaper March: old lighthouse Travemünde (D)

 January 30th 2013 

wallpaper February: lighthouse Dueodde (DK)

 December 31st 2012 

wallpaper January: lighthouse Slåtterøy (N)

 November 29th 2012 

wallpaper December: lighthouse Nebel (D)

 October 31st 2012 

wallpaper November: lighthouse Skagsudde (S)

 September 25th 2012 

wallpaper October: Covesea Skerries Lighthouse (SCO)

 August 31st 2012 

wallpaper September: lighthouse Cromwell Point (IRL)

 July 31st 2012 

wallpaper August: pier light Thyborøn (DK)

 July 1st 2012 

wallpaper July: front light Kaapduin (NL)

 May 31st 2012 

wallpaper June: lighthouse Rattray Head (SCO)

 April 27th 2012 

wallpaper May: lighthouse Ardnakinna (IRL)

 March 31st 2012 

wallpaper April: lighthouse Oksøy Fyr (N)

 February 29th 2012 

wallpaper March: rear range Bénodet (F)

 January 31st 2012 

wallpaper February: lighthouse Hegranes (ISL)

 January 1st 2012 

wallpaper January: rear range Rønne (DK)

 November 30th 2011 

wallpaper December: lighthouse Little Samphire Island (IRL)

 October 31st 2011 

wallpaper November: lighthouse Ponta de Sagres (POR)

 October 1st 2011 

wallpaper October: lighthouse Sheep's Head (IRL)

 August 31st 2011 

wallpaper September: lighthouses Odderøya (N)

 July 30th 2011 

7 new smaller lighthouses in and around Hardangerfjorden (N).

 July 30th 2011 

wallpaper August: lighthouse Marjaniemi (Fi)

 June 30th 2011 

wallpaper July: lighthouse Glåpen Fyr (N)

 May 31st 2011 

wallpaper June: pier lights Stavoren (NL)

 April 30th 2011 

wallpaper May: lighthouse Dyrhólaey (ISL)

 March 31st 2011 

wallpaper April: lighthouse Port Manec'h (F)

 February 28th 2011 

wallpaper March: lighthouse Darłowo (PL)

 January 30th 2011 

wallpaper February: lighthouse Loop Head (IRL)

 December 31st 2010 

wallpaper January: lighthouse Neuland (D)

 November 30th 2010 

wallpaper December: lighthouse Nokkanes Fyr (N)

 October 30th 2010 

13 new lighthouses in Ireland

 October 30th 2010 

wallpaper November: lighthouse Hólmsbergsviti (ISL)

 September 29th 2010 

wallpaper October: lighthouse Kilcredaun (IRL)

 August 26th 2010 

wallpaper September: lighthouse Kołobrzeg (Kolberg) (PL)

 July 30th 2010 

wallpaper August: lighthouse Kavringen Fyr (N)

 June 20th 2010 

wallpaper July: lighthouse Kálfshamarsviti (ISL)

 May 31st 2010 

wallpaper June: lighthouse Gedser Fyr (DK)

 April 30th 2010 

wallpaper May: lighthouse Reykjanesviti (ISL)

 March 31st 2010 

wallpaper April: lighthouse Langoz (F)

 February 28th 2010 

wallpaper March: lighthouse Darßer Ort (D)

 January 30th 2010 

wallpaper February: lighthouse Strukkamphuk (D)

 December 30th 2009 

wallpaper January: lighthouse Westermarkelsdorf (D)

 December 5th 2009 

guests gallery 4

 November 29th 2009 

wallpaper December: lighthouse Lindehoved (DK)

 October 31st 2009 

wallpaper November: lighthouse Westhoofd (NL)

 September 29th 2009 

wallpaper October: lighthouse Hogsteinen (N)

 August 30th 2009 

5 new smaller lighthouses in and around Stralsund (D).

 August 30th 2009 

wallpaper September: lighthouse Grønningen (N)

 August 02nd 2009 

6 new smaller lighthouses of our journey in September 2006 at the Norwegian fjords.

 July 29th 2009 

wallpaper August: lighthouse Akranes (ISL)

 June 28th 2009 

wallpaper July: lighthouse Hellehavn Nakke Fyr (DK)

 June 28th 2009 

new lighthouses of our journey in May 2009 in Norway

 June 26th 2009 

new lighthouses of our September-journey 2008 in Norway

 May 30th 2009 

wallpaper June: lighthouse Ryvarden Fyr (N)

 May 04th 2009 

wallpaper May: lighthouse Dahmeshöved (D)

 March 30th 2009 

wallpaper April: lighthouse Tórshavn (FAR)

 March 7th 2009 

guests galleries 26 and 27

 February 28th 2009 

wallpaper March: lighthouse Straumnes (ISL)

 January 31st 2009 

wallpaper February: lighthouse Cayeux (Picardie - F)

 December 31st 2008 

wallpaper January: lighthouse Hammeren Fyr (Bornholm - DK)

 November 30th 2008 

wallpaper December: lighthouse Hafnarnes (ISL)

 November 30th 2008 

new lighthouses at the Swedish lakes Vänern and Vättern

 October 31st 2008 

wallpaper November: lighthouse Ustka (POL)

 October 26th 2008 

10 new lighthouses at the Faroes and Shetlands

 September 29th 2008 

wallpaper October: lighthouse Kiel (D)

 August 31st 2008 

wallpaper September: lighthouse Hyllekrog (DK)

 August 10th 2008 

43 new lighthouses in Iceland

 July 29th 2008 

wallpaper August: lighthouse Nørre Vorupør (DK)

 June 29th 2008 

wallpaper July: lighthouse Sauðanesviti (ISL)

 May 28th 2008 

wallpaper June: lighthouse Jarosławiec (POL)

 May 17th 2008 

13 new lighthouses in Poland

 April 28th 2008 

wallpaper May: lighthouse Cabo de Sao Vicente (POR)

 March 28th 2008 

wallpaper April: lighthouse Hästholmen (S)

 March 8th 2008 

21 new lighthouses in Portugal

 February 28th 2008 

wallpaper March: lighthouse Ponte da Piedade (POR)

 January 30th 2008 

wallpaper February: lighthouse Hirtshals (DK)

 December 27th 2007 

wallpaper January: lighthouse "Lange Jaap" Den Helder (NL)

 November 29th 2007 

wallpaper December: lighthouse Hanstholm (DK)

 October 29th 2007 

wallpaper November: lighthouse Alnes (N)

 October 3rd 2007 

9 new lighthouses in Denmark (islands of Falster, Lolland, Møn, Sealand) and some more updates in this part of Denmark

 September 26th 2007 

wallpaper October: lighthouse Oostende (B)

 August 29th 2007 

new page: Stay in a lighthouse (marriage, overnight stays, visiting)

 August 29th 2007 

wallpaper September: lighthouse Friedrichsort (D), first in widescreen format

 July 29th 2007 

wallpaper August: lighthouse Staviken (S)

 July 29th 2007 

4 lighthouses in Sweden (lake Vänern) and 11 lighthouses in Norway (west coast and Aurlandfjord)

 June 28th 2007 

wallpaper July: lighthouse Runde Fyr (N)

 May 28th 2007 

wallpaper June: lighthouse Pointe du Milier (F)

 April 29th 2007 

wallpaper May: lighthouse Malmö Inre Hamn (S)

 March 30th 2007 

wallpaper April: lighthouse Westkapelle (NL)

 February 26th 2007 

wallpaper March: lighthouse Blåvandshuk (DK)

 February 9th 2007 

guests gallery 25

 January 28th 2007 

wallpaper February: lighthouse Falshöft (Schleswig-Holstein)

 January 8th 2007 

guests galleries 4 and 24

 December 30th 2006 

wallpaper January: lighthouse La Vieille (F)

 November 29th 2006 

wallpaper December: lighthouse Marken (NL)

 October 29th 2006 

wallpaper November: lighthouse Skagen (Grey fire) in the north of Jutland (DK)

 October 29th 2006 

guests galleries 22 and 23

 October 10th 2006 

22 lighthouses in the Oslofjord and at the Norwegian west coast (Geita, Sørhaugøy)

 October 1st 2006 

New: lighthouses Sprogø (DK) and Kiel (D)

 September 29th 2006 

wallpaper October: lighthouse Skongenes at the Norwegian island of Vågsøy

 August 26th 2006 

wallpaper September: lighthouse Timmendorf at Poel island

 August 5th 2006 

guests galleries 20 and 21

 July 28th 2006 

wallpaper August: lighthouse Pointe de Combrit in the Bretagne (F)

 July 22nd 2006 

16 new lighthouses in Northern Jutland (DK), 2 new lighthouses at the Flensburger Förde at the German Baltic Sea coast

 June 28th 2006 

wallpaper July: lighthouse Hirsholm in Northern Jutland (DK), new: lighthouses at the island of Hirsholm in Denmark

 May 26th 2006 

wallpaper June: lighthouse Rubjerg Knude in Northern Jutland (DK),
new beacons at the western coast of Jutland, new 360-degree-panorama-pictures

 April 27th 2006 

wallpaper May: lighthouse Vlieland at the West Frisian island in the North Sea

 March 30th 2006 

wallpaper April: lighthouse Texel at the Dutch island in the North Sea

 February 27th 2006 

wallpaper March: lighthouse Ile de Sein in the French Bretagne

 January 29th 2006 

wallpaper February: lighthouse Falsterbo in Southern Sweden

 January 29th 2006 

updated guests gallery 4 - lighthouses at the Portuguese island of Madeira

 January 13th 2006 

We start a new project: www.foto.leuchtturmseiten.de
high quality pictures - wallpapers

 December 30th 2005 

wallpaper January: lighthouse Amrum in Northern Friesland (German North Sea)

 November 30th 2005 

wallpaper December: lighthouse Hoburgen at Gotland island (Sweden)

 October 27th 2005 

wallpaper November: lighthouse Swinemünde at the island of Wolin (Poland)

 September 28th 2005 

wallpaper October: lighthouse Andenes at the islands of Vesterålen (Norway)

 September 14th 2005 

new pictures of the lighthouses in Swinemünde

 August 29th 2005 

wallpaper September: lighthouse Grisetåodde in Northern Jylland (Denmark)

 July 30th 2005 

wallpaper August: lighthouse Cap Fréhel in the Bretagne (France)

 July 11th 2005 

14 new lighthouses and 2 beacons in Sweden, lighthouse Årø in Denmark

 July 7th 2005 

35 new lighthouses in Norway

 June 29th 2005 

wallpaper July: lighthouse Hellisøy in Norway

 May 27th 2005 

wallpaper June: lighthouse Ameland in Holland

 May 21st 2004 

a new column: 360°-panoramas from lighthouses

 May 14th 2004 

10 new questions about lighthouses

 May 8th 2005 

report North Holland

 May 6th 2005 

new guests gallery 1

 May 5th 2005 

23 new lighthouses in Netherlands and 2 new beacon

 April 29th 2005 

wallpaper May: lighthouse Schiermonnikoog in Holland

 March 30th 2005 

wallpaper April: lighthouse Perdrix in France

 February 27th 2005 

wallpaper March: lighthouse Eckmühl in France

 February 12th 2005 

Old lighthouse Mönkeberg at the Kieler Förde

 February 7th 2005 

guests gallery 19

 January 30th 2005 

wallpaper February: lighthouse Olhörn at the North Frisian island of Föhr

 December 31st 2004 

wallpaper January: lighthouse Kjelds Nor at the Danish island of Langeland

 December 11th 2004 

Fourth report in English

 December 4th 2004 

Old leading light Wittdün at the island of Amrum, new pictures of the lighthouse Amrum and leading light Nebel, sections of nautical charts of the North Frisian lighthouses

 November 29th 2004 

wallpaper December: lighthouse Nordmarsch at Hallig Langeneß (Nordfriesland), therefore the lights of Nordfriesland are complete now

 Oktober 30th 2004 

wallpaper November: lighthouse Bülk (Kieler Förde)

 October 19th 2004 

guests gallery 18

 September 28th 2004 

wallpaper October: lighthouse Skjoldnæs (Ærø - Denmark)

 September 13th 2004 

10 new questions about lighthouses and a new lighthouse puzzle

 September 4th 2004 

report Netherlands

 August 30th 2004 

wallpaper September: lighthouse Christiansø (Denmark)

 August 26th 2004 

links to lists of lights

 August 15th 2004 

report Bretagne

 August 1st 2004 

126 lighthouses in France, Netherlands and Belgium

 July 31st 2004 

wallpaper August: lighthouses Ile Vierge (Bretagne - F)

 July 6th 2004 

guests gallery 17

 June 30th 2004 

wallpaper July: lighthouse West-Schouwen (NL)

 May 31st 2004 

wallpaper June: lighthouse Louët (Bretagne - F)

 April 29th 2004 

wallpaper May: lighthouse Hov (Langeland) (DK)

 April 28th 2004 

guests galleries 14 to 16

 April 23rd 2004 

18 lighthouses with new pictures in Denmark and the German Baltic Sea, new maps of Denmark and the German Baltic Sea

 April 4th 2004 

16 new lighthouses around Langeland and the Flensburger Förde

 March 30th 2004 

wallpaper April: lighthouse Bågø (DK)

 February 29th 2004 

wallpaper March: lighthouse Helsingborg (S)

 January 30th 2004 

wallpaper February: lighthouse Kronborg (DK)

 January 25th 2004 

a new game for you: lighthouse puzzle

 January 21st 2004 

guests galleries 12 and 13

 December 30th 2003 

wallpaper January: lighthouse Aurgrund (S)

 December 13th 2003 

Lighthouses and beacons on Wangerooge and Spiekeroog

 November 26th 2003 

wallpaper December: lighthouse Fårö (S) and the beacon Svaneke (DK)

 October 31st 2003 

wallpaper November: lighthouse Svaneke (DK)

 Oktober 26th 2003 

a page for lazy hours: 10 new questions about lighthouses

 October 17th 2003 

46 new lights of our lighthouse excursion to Bornholm, Öland, Gotland ...

 September 30th 2003 

wallpaper October: lighthouse När (S)

 August 31st 2003 

wallpaper September: lighthouse Helnæs (DK)

 August 17th 2003 

guests galleries 9 to 11

 July 31st 2003 

wallpaper August: front range Bock

 June 27th 2003 

lighthouses: front light Bock and old beacon Vierendehl

 June 27th 2003 

wallpaper July: lighthouse Darßer Ort

 May 29th 2003 

wallpaper June: lighthouse Gollwitz (Poel)

 May 1st 2003 

wallpaper May: lighthouse Rostock-Warnemünde

 April 18th 2003 

lighthouses: front light Rostock Petersdorf and rear light Rostock Krummendorf and 10 new questions about lighthouses

 March 29th 2003 

wallpaper April: pier lights Rostock-Warnemünde

 March 21st 2003 

First three reports in English

 March 1st 2003 

guests gallery 8

 February 28th 2003 

wallpaper March: lighthouse Campen

 February 24th 2003 

guests galleries 6 and 7

 January 30th 2003 

wallpaper February: lighthouses Kullen (Sweden)

 January 1st 2003 

guests galleries 1 - 5; a page for lazy hours: questions about lighthouses

 December 31th 2002 

wallpaper January: lighthouse Gniben (Sejerø - DK)

 November 24th 2002 

wallpaper December: lighthouse Bastorf (Buk)

 November 10th 2002 

new page: updates - an overview, what's new (this page)

 October 26th 2002 

wallpaper November: lighthouse Norderney

 October 19th 2002 

lighthouses Greifswalder Oie and Peenemünde

 October 14th 2002 

Post-beacon and direction beacon Norderney

 October 12th 2002 

lighthouses of the Ems (Campen, Knock, Wybelsum, Emden) and at the islands Borkum and Norderney

 September 29th 2002 

wallpaper October: lighthouse Obrestad (Norway)

 September 28th 2002 

A helpful tool, which removes problems with kind of coordinates values: coordinates-translater

 August 27th 2002 

wallpaper September: lighthouse Lista (Norway)

 July 26th 2002 

4 new beacons at the Danish North Sea coast (Haurvig, Hvide Sande, Husby Klit and Vedersø Klit)

 July 24th 2002 

wallpaper August: lighthouse Hirtshals (Denmark)

 July 22nd 2002 

17 new lighthouses at Norways fjord-coast and two in Denmark - all inclusive travel report

 June 29th 2002 

wallpaper July: lighthouse List West (Sylt)

 May 25th 2002 

wallpaper June: lighthouse Taksensand (Denmark)

 May 18th 2002 

21 lighthouses at the right side of the river Elbe from Brunsbüttel to Blankenese, pier lights Büsum - with travel report

 April 28th 2002 

wallpaper May: lighthouse "Dicke Berta" Altenbruch

 April 11th 2002 

27 lighthouses at the left side of the river Elbe, on Neuwerk island and 8 new lighthouses north of Bremerhaven. 3 new beacons on Neuwerk island and in Cuxhaven - with travel report

 March 24th 2002 

wallpaper April: lighthouse Bovbjerg (Denmark)

 February 23rd 2002 

wallpaper March: pier light Sassnitz

 February 17th 2002 

The second stay in Swinemünde (Poland): four little lights.

 January 25th 2002 

wallpaper February: lighthouses Arkona

 January 7th 2002 

9 new lighthouses around the Jadebusen, 3 in Sandstedt at the river Weser and 11 in Bremerhaven

 December 15th 2001 

wallpaper January: lighthouse Helleholm (Denmark)

 November 21st 2001 

wallpaper December: lighthouse Møn (Denmark)

 November 9th 2001 

6 lighthouses at Rügen island, lighthouse Gellen at Hiddensee island and the new lighthouse in Ueckermünde

 October 22nd 2001 

wallpaper November: lighthouse Neuland

 September 28th 2001 

New Side - Download: wallpaper October: lighthouse Sletterhage (Denmark). Here you can find every month a new lighthouse-wallpaper with monthly calendar

 September 4th 2001 

12 new lighthouses in Nordfriesland, 9 lighthouses round about Denmarks Als island, 7 lighthouses at the Baltic Sea coast of Schleswig-Holstein - with travel report