Guests galleries

We show at our lighthouse pages since several years unexceptional own photos from our lighthouse trips. In this long time we've found many good and faithful fans, who send us their most beautiful pictures. That's why we've created this new column, where we want to give our guests the possibility to present their lighthouse pictures.
In the last time we got so many pictures (we are absolutly happy about!), that's impossible to show all here. We are happy about every picture from you, but please respect, that we can't show all fotos!
Thanks ;-)

guests gallery 1

Petra Schumacher took this picture from the lighthouse "Ponce Inlet" in Daytona Beach

guests gallery 2

Bernd Haikmöller sent us three beautiful pictures of lighthouses in India, Spain and Lithuania

guests gallery 3

three lighthouses at the island of Mallorca, taken by Hariett and Victor Wellmer

guests gallery 4 

 Janina: each collections of lighthouses at the islands of Tenerife, Mallorca, Maidera and Ibiza 

guests gallery 5

Margret and Stan from Somerset (England): lighthouses in the South of England

guests gallery 7

Ulrich: lighthouse Long Beach south of L.A.

guests gallery 8

Sabine Sigrist: lighthouses in Australia

guests gallery 9

Karl (KRS): lighthouse Punta San Cataldo di Lecce

guests gallery 10

The Croatian lighthouse Rovinj taken by Sybille & Martin

guests gallery 11

These four Icelandic lighthouses were taken by Siggi

guests gallery 12

Carmen from Switzerland has taken this photo of an Australian lighthouse

guests gallery 13

Lighthouses at the mouth of river Tyne in North-England from Anja

guests gallery 14

Two lighthouses on the island of Crete from Hannes and Peter

guests gallery 15

Lighthouse on the Danish island of Hjelm - C.B.

guests gallery 16

Vivian Hovest visited lighthouses at Iceland - merci beaucoup Viviane.

guests gallery 17

Also two lighthouses from an island - this time from the islands of Färöer, taken by Holger.

guests gallery 18

Lighthouse at the Danish island of Vejrø from Fred

guests gallery 19

Pictures of some scandinavian lighthouses taken from skipper Manfred

guests gallery 20

Suna and Tim visited the lighthouse Roter Sand.

guests gallery 21

Two Danish and two Irish lighthouses were photographed by Jürgen from Austria.

guests gallery 22 

The first African lighthouse at our guests gallery, photographed by Dagmar and Markus.

guests gallery 23 

More Icelandic lighthouses, photographed by Winfried.

guests gallery 24 

A photo of the Spanish lighthouse Cabo de Gata was sent to us by Christian.

guests gallery 25 

Lighthouses in France and Corse (to France) were photographed from Kerstin Falkenstein.

guests gallery 26 

Claudia Münsterberg sent us pictures of two lighthouses on the island of Fuerteventura.

guests gallery 27 

Th. Philipp sent us pictures of three lighthouses on the Asian continent.